10 lessons we all can learn from Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs Was a legend. He was a great visionary and he brought to life many of the products we only saw in sci-fi movies. His life is an inspiration to not only entrepreneurs, technology enthusiasts but also to photographers. Here are 10 lessons you can learn from his extra-ordinary life and apply it to your photography.

1. Make a Good Product

Learn, unlearn and relearn, apple products are good not only in design and functionality but also in simplicity. Improve your photography so that people may refer you to others.

2.Keep it Simple

Apple products are simple, apple products dont even have a file management system. Simplicity is the best policy. Easier said than done!. Do not photoshop to such extents that the images loose their style and simplicity. We had good photographers before photoshop.

3.Dont Sell for the sake of it

Sell emotions not products. People come to you for a goal / ambition. Do justice to them, help them achieve their ambition. Give them guidance. Classic marketing rule, dont oversell, build relationships. For Steve jobs, customers were not clients, they were people first who had emotions.

4.Market yourself

Apple hired the best marking expert in Silicon Valey in 1994. Marketing is the key to your business. Build a website, facebook page, flickr stream and dont hesitate to share your photography. Remember even if people are not approaching you now, they are bookmarking you in their heads, they will reach out to you when its time. Just keep your efforts consistent. Spend some of your fee on advertising and make it count.

5. Set your style

Admit it, apple products are stylish, their feel is premium, the classic apple logo. While its important to take inspiration from other photographers, set your own style. Its hard to get but you have all the time. Build your style, it will be an important differentiating factor in the coming years.

6.Be Passionate

Steve always followed his dreams. He loved his company and his workers. We all have made bad decisions at some point of our lives. Leave your crappy job, if photography is your dream.

7.Dont be afraid to fail

Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water, or do you want a chance to change the world?

– Steve Jobs

Do you know Steve Jobs was kicked out of apple. He had his fair share of failures. Millionaires Fail. Dont be afraid, we are not perfect. We all fail. Take risks, do it, dont be afraid, if you are successful the world will know you,if you not you will know the world.

8. Dont be the first, be the best

Apple was not the first company to invent a smart phone, mp3 player, computer or tablet. All they did was achieved something better out of the same innovation. Even in photography. you dont need to be the first one to do something, just do it right and promote yourself correctly.


Have you noticed the number of times steve jobs wore a black turtleneck tshirt. Almost everytime. Its just his style, his brand. For your photography, build a personal brand. Keep it consistent. Your service is your brand.

10.Take risks

Steve did take big risks. In many endeavours he succeeded, in many he failed. Dont be afraid to take risks. Spend some money if you think its worth it. Buy your favorite equipment, if pocket permits, experiment more.


He did live an eventful life. He is an inspiration to me and many other people. He turned around apple company, stayed humble and kept giving everyone motivation. Rest in Peace !

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