Extreme Ideas for Photography

Bored of the usual stuff ? Here are some extreme ideas for photography. Try at your own risk :P

  1. Shoot continuously for a day without looking what picture you clicked. Thats how it used to be in old days.
  2. Create a photograph without using your camera.
  3. Ask a camera shy person to be your model.
  4. Light your subjects without professional lighting. Use mirrors or reflectors. You will be amazed with the results I promise.
  5. Rent an expensive photography equipment for a week. See if it improves your images. Email me what you created. If its worthy it will go on my facebook page :)
  6. Take a photograph while running. Interesting it sounds ?
  7. write a poem and create a photograph to go with it.
  8. photograph any subject from an extreme angle.
  9. Create great looking photographs of rotten food.
  10. Frame and sell your best photograph on the street.
  11. photography by candle light.

Have a crazy idea ? Add to it by commenting below. Let me know if it spiced up your photography.

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