Most beautiful places in photos

Here are some beautiful places that look even more beautiful in photos.

In order of appearence :-
1.Waterfalls in Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia
2.An alpine landscape in the Dolomites Mountains, Italy
3.Red rock towers at Monument Valley Tribal Park, Arizona/Utah
4.Lanterns floating at Chiangmai, Thailand
5.A view of New York City at night from the Empire State Building
6.Aurora Borealis at the Arctic Circle
7.Lyth Valley, Lake District, England
8.Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah
9.Panoramic view of the London Parliament, Big Ben and Westminster Bridge
10.Cormorants, dolphins and cape gannets join in on a sardine run in Eastern Cape, South Africa
11.A hummingbird stops and smells the flowers in Huntington Beach, California

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