Google Is Trying to Beat JPEG & PNG Images with WebP

Google developers announced some improvements to the WebP image format they’re building as an alternative to JPEG, which has become a standard across the Web. Today’s updates add transparency, which JPEG does not support, so WebP will take on the PNG format as well.

The team reports that WebP gets 25-34% better compression than JPEG images. Compared to PNG images, which are needed for anything with transparency, WebP image files are 28% smaller than even the best, most compressed PNGs. And most websites don’t bother with that compression; from a sample of PNGs pulled from the Web, WebP images were 45% smaller. That means they load 45% faster.

webp image compression google

The above penguins look roughly identical but the last one is less than half the size of the first one on the left. Amazing it is, but it may take some time for all browsers to embrace the format. Opera and Google chrome support the format natively but other browsers are yet to embrace this format.

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